Who needs a Doula?

A Doula is for every type of Mom. A Doula is for any mom who
wants to feel supported, comforted, encouraged, respected and heard throughout
her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.

The mom who wants:

  •  NO pain
  • LOTS of pain medications
  • Isn’t sure what she wants

The mom who plans to feed her baby from:

  • The breast
  • The bottle
  • A combination of both

The Mom who wants to birth:

  • At home
  • In the hospital
  • At a birthing center

A Doula is for

During the labor and birth of your baby, you will have a team of individuals there for your benefit. Your doctor or midwife’s primary job is to attend to the medical safety of you and your baby. The nurse’s role is to track a mother’s vitals and labor progress, and report to the doctor or midwife any information that may indicate that your birth may need help. (There is a possibility that your nurse may have other laboring patients and one-to-one care is not guaranteed) Your partner’s primary role is to love the you in whatever way comes most naturally. It’s the doula’s role to provide one-on-one non-clinical support throughout labor. From providing emotional support, offering different positions that will facilitate the delivery of baby, words of encouragement, information regarding any decisions you are needed to make, or even ensuring that your space is kept calm, quiet, and relaxing.

After awaiting your little one’s arrival for 40, maybe less, maybe more, weeks, you deserve a birth that makes you proud. It’s important to remember that you, your  partner, your doctor, your midwife, and your doula are all playing on the same team, just in different positions. When you have a prepared team, everyone wins.

Even this handsome baby is thankful for doula services at his birth!
Even this handsome baby is thankful for doula services at his birth!