Holistic Placenta Services

Why encapsulate your placenta?

Your placenta plays a very important role in your pregnancy. It is a symbolic, one-of-a-kind organ cooperatively made by you and your baby. Throughout your pregnancy it works to nourish and support your baby, as well as produce progesterone, the hormone that reminds your body to stay pregnant.

Once your baby is born, the primary purpose of the placenta is complete, however, it is still very useful. Evidence through Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as current pharmaceutical studies have proven that after delivery the placenta still contains components that are beneficial for the human body. How beautiful and rewarding for you to be able to return your placenta to your body where it will help you recover from pregnancy and birth. Additionally, if you’re breastfeeding, the placenta will increase your milk supply and help you continue to feed your baby.


Methods of Placenta Medicine:

  • Encapsulation – Your placenta will be washed and dehydrated, powdered, and put into capsules for you, and only you, to consume.
  • Smoothie Cubes – Bite size cubes of your placenta that can be combined with your favorite smoothie ingredients immediately postpartum or in the days following to help with recovery after a traumatic birth or large blood loss.
  • Tincture – The medicinal qualities of your placenta are extracted into an alcohol form for long-term preservation.

In addition to the three main placenta consumption, you can also request placenta salves, placenta cookies, plant a tree in a placenta, and more. Contact us if you have questions regarding alternative placenta medicine methods.

Benefits of Postpartum Placenta Medicine: 

  • Increased milk supply
  • Balances hormones
  • Prevents and decreases risk of PPD (Baby blues)
  • Increases energy
  • Speedier, more thorough recovery
  • Raised iron levels, preventing or alleviating anemia


Standard Placenta Package $200

    •  Your choice of Raw or TCM encapsulation
    • Dried umbilical cord keepsake
    • 1 keepsake print of your placenta

    • Payment Options

      Add ons: 

      • Bedside smoothie preparation at your birthing location $50 (discount for clients using Beautiful Beginnings Doula & Co.’s Doula services)
      • Additional keepsake prints with the (edible and organic) dye of your choice  $15

      Health & Safety:

      While handling your placenta, your health and safety is our first priority. After all, promotion your personal health is the primary reason you have chosen to use placenta medicine in the first place, right!

      Your placenta specialist is a certified placenta encapsulator in accordance with the OSHA bloodbore pathogen guidelines and standards, as well as a certified Florida Food Handler.

      Placenta Print with completed Placenta capsules

      A traditional placenta print, cord keepsake, and placenta capsules.

      A Placenta print with natural dye

      A dyed print for a gorgeous specimen.



      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!