Childbirth Education

Why should you invest in childbirth education classes?

For many expecting mothers, even those who already have other children, the labor and birth process can be both joyful and sometimes overwhelming. Many women and their partners are now choosing to take childbirth education classes to further their knowledge, lessen their anxiety, gain support, and gather information.

Like most things in pregnancy and childbirth, there are many different options for the expecting mother to choose from when choosing a childbirth education course.

It is important for you to thoroughly review your options and see what you feel is the best fit for yourself and your partner. Prior to choosing a class, ask questions. What questions should you ask before choosing a class?

  • What are the instructors views on labor and birth?
  • What topics are covered in the curriculum?
  • Will the class be tailored specifically to the mothers needs or will the partner learn how to play an active role in my labor and birth?
  • Will this be a one-on-one class or will there be other couples?
  • Are children allowed to come to this class?
  • How many sessions long is the class?

Childbirth education classes that are taught inside of the hospital which you will deliver at typically involve a group of 6-12 other couples, covering the basics of labor and birth, a brief segment on pain management, specific hospital policies, as well as a tour of the Labor & Delivery unit and Postpartum unit.

Classes taught outside of the hospital typically are tailored to your birth plan, resulting in expecting parents having more specified information and realistic expectations versus a very basic and generalized explanation. Often times these classes equip you with a more in depth explanation of labor and birth, extensive information on coping skills, information on the emotional aspects of childbirth, and more.

Regardless of your learning style, it is pertinent that both parties feel well educated, prepared, and have realistic expectations for each other. Our CBE classes are packed full of information, demonstrations, games, guides, and more. At Beautiful Beginnings Doula & Co., it is our goal to not only educate you, but to empower you to have the birth you desire.

For more information regarding CBE classes, please contact us at 850.530.9985 or submit a form through the “contact us” section of our website.