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Best of the Bay, Best Maternity Service: Finalist.

Mic check, is this thing on?

It’s after 5:00 P.M. on a Friday, which means its officially The Weekend! Despite life on call, the team at Beautiful Beginnings Doula & Co. has quite a notable accomplishment to celebrate this weekend. Cake, S’mores, Chocolate milk? I think YES.

As many of you know, in May we were entered into the Best of the Bay competition for Best Maternity Service. This category was inclusive of our all local OBGYNS, Midwives, Doulas, Ultrasound companies, and essentially any other birth worker that had a client or consumer write them in. One week of voting in two counties, with nearly 150 entries in our category alone, 26,409 voters, and 326,427 ballots . Incredible. While the idea of being in the “Winner’s Circle” was enthralling, we didn’t suspect a mere 8 months after opening our doors that achieving that would be an obtainable goal for us this year. Lo and behold, June 1st the  Pensacola News Journal contacted us regarding our placement in the competition. We were finalists! Out of the many maternity service providers in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties,  we were in the top 3!

The title of finalist is nice, yes. Knowing that this title isn’t one that’s freely given on a bias blog, but instead one that is earned from the community we serve, is even better. But what is the absolute best out of all of this is knowing that 8 short months after opening our doors that we are making that substantial of an impact in the birthing women and families in our community. What an absolute honor.

Congratulations to the phenomenal team at Advanced Women’s Care for being voted Best of the Bay, Best Maternity Service: 2017 Winner.

Taylor, Pensacola Doula with Best of Bay award
Opening this package from PNJ was an exceptional experience!

Thank You for allowing us to serve alongside your families and Thank You for your votes!


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